Why should we always be attentive to the behavior of our children

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 Learn Why Should We Always Be Attentive to the Behavior of our Children

Children are naive and pretty curious, since, the are relatively new on this planet full of dangers. They do not know how to handle the situations that have been thrown at them, they do not know how to express themselves in an efficient manner. Most of the times, they hide stuff due to the fear of being scolded but their behaviour shows all of it since they have not reached the stage where they can truly hide their emotions. As a parent, you can learn almost anything about your child, just by paying attention to their behaviour. So, pay attention to their behaviour. Pay complete attention to your child’s behaviour, do not multitask. The quantity and the quality of time that you spend with your children matters a lot.


Through their behaviour, the children show their reactions to situations, whether they like it or not. A parent should always pay attention to the behaviour of their child, a parent should always be nurturing and should not abandon or neglect his child’s behaviour. By paying attention to their child’s behaviour you can guess what they might be going through and then by asking them about it, you can attempt to solve the problem. Keep in mind, that when you are trying to find out what their problem is, try to listen to them in an attentive and sensitive manner without asking too many questions. If you ask your child too many questions, they will feel interrogated and will not give you the answers you need. They are always some reason is hidden behind how a child acts and behaves.

Some parents only pay attention to their child’s behavior when it is bad, they do not pay attention when their child is behaving well. Sometimes, parents overreact to small problems and the other times they do not react to a serious problem. This is wrong. This makes your child attention seeking. This teaches your child that whenever he or she will misbehave only then they will get attention. This type of conditioning of a child makes him or her an ill-mannered and rebellious child. There are two variations of a child’s behavior, normal and abnormal. The line between them is quite thin when the child is of young age. These variations depend upon the child’s level of understanding and age.

If you ignore your child’s behavior, they will develop the habit of keeping secrets from you, they will feel like they are all alone and they do not have anyone to turn to or someone to rely on. When you ignore your child’s behavior, they might end up in bigger problems that you cannot even get them out of. If you do not pay attention to your child’s behavior or choose to ignore it, you will never know anything about your child, what type of person they are, what are their needs, do they need help, are they developing any abnormal behaviors or not. Since you were not paying attention from the start, you will never be able to help them or solve their problems when they are older.

This will not only create a communication gap between you and your child but also damage their personality as well. It is never enough to be just there and not pay attention to what your child is trying to convey to you through their behavior. Just do not be physically present, keep your eyes and ears open and try to observe what your child is saying through their behavior. Their future is seriously in your hands.

June 11, 2017
June 11, 2017
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bormanmack July 31, 2017 22:44:32

Yes, we should be always attentive !

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